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On this page you will find our policy which follows regarding your personal data and your privacies.
The main purpose of this page is to be as clear as possible.

Your rights

GDPR gives you the right to:

•    Request to have faulty personal information corrected and in certain cases ask us to completely erase your personal information

•    Denounce your consent if the handling is based on consent

•    Request information regarding what personal information we handle about you

•    If you are dissatisfied with how we handle your personal information you can file a complaint with Datainspektionen, which is the responsible public authority in Sweden

•    Object against that certain personal information on you is being handled as well as requesting that the handling of your personal information be limited

•    Have the personal information you have left us transferred to another handler (the right to data portability)


Personal information

Our handling of personal information is based on the founding principles of GDPR. We only handle personal information after we have ensure that we have legal grounds in accordance with GDPR in doing so.

Regarding handling your personal information within the scope of client assignments, the handling is generally motivated by the so-called balance of interest as legal ground.
Our core purposes is to understand and analyze market changes, consumer behaviors.

Collection of personal information belonging to registries which are active within these fields, in public such as private enterprises, is a tool in this work.
Against this background we normally make the judgment that we have legal grounds in handling personal information which constitutes a basis in fulfilling our assignments.
Furthermore, we have the right to handle personal information if necessary, in enforcing an agreement, for example with a client, a cooperative partner, a supplier or an employee, as well as in fulfilling legal duties, for example to public authorities.

This may be handling and storing information if required by laws and regulation.
In certain cases, the consent of the registered makes the handling of personal information legal. This is also required if the information is to be considered as sensitive in accordance with GDPR.

In cases where required by law or where situational circumstances makes it suitable, we gather a personal consent for our handling from the registered.



We do not handle personal information presented in the email conversations we maintain, unless it is required by law.


We use cookies to improve your user experience and in order to provide visitors certain functionalities.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file which is stored on your computer by the webpage you visit. Cookies makes it possible to store information on how visitors interact with the webpage.

How do we use cookies?
Primarily for web analysis and in order to improve the customer experience. Data from the cookie is used for internal web analysis but is also included in Google’s demography and interest reports.

Manage your cookies settings
If you do not accept the use of cookies in the description, you can change the settings in your browser such that no cookies are stored on your computer.

Observe: Certain functionalities may not work without the use of cookies.



This policy describes our practices for handling personal information and is enforced since 2018.

For questions regarding our integrity policy, contact info@bcomposit.com.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact info@bcomposit.com.